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Dear friend,
I can feel with you as I went through a terrible chock with my die-offs.
If you too got the tremors and feeling of shaking, heart palpations and the increase of you old symptoms, I know what you are going through.

Here comes my personal lesson from the last two weeks. In the night between the old year and the new year my condition was so bad that I thought I was going to die. I broke down like a little girl crying. All the toxins in my body where too much to handle for my system. After two month on the diet I didn’t have either any-more a idea what to do better. What I noticed was that I drank a lot warm water but I might have reached a point where I suspect that I got an electrolyte imbalance. I too had magnesium but no money to buy calcium. That too could have contributed to my terrible state. My sugar was always ok in the process but I felt a lot better when I after two month got a bit easy and worked into my diet items from stage 2. I too stopped to be so fast and hard fighting the candida. It looks like that the slow approach is the safer and better one for guys like me who I guess are filled with that shit.

I am 49 and got it with 17 I am sure. So, when I hit the candida with strong probiotics,SF722, and all the other stuff I did was too much for my system to handle when suddenly all the toxins where filling my system.
I stopped with the probiotics, with the SF722 and easend on the diet. Today is my first day where I feel alive. The terrible tremor has stopped and my heart palpations too for a half day. I dont know where I stand and how it will develop but I am planning to have one week of peace of sympthoms and then take one probiotic per week for a week and then slowly but surley growing it into one a day for a week. If my system is still stable, I will go further and softly starting the SF722, etc etc.

Being slow is my motto now and not being fanatic.

You are not alone mate!
I wish you well being and a speedy healing for you my friend!