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also, NSAIDs are definitely of the devil. a few months ago, several weeks of debauchery (champagne, bourbon, thai food, no sleep, repeat) caught up with me HARD and i had earth-shatteringly crippling cramps on the first day of my period. i’m a massage therapist, and the spa i worked for at the time refused to get a couple of my appointments covered (or to just cancel them), so i loaded up on NSAIDs before each appointment to try to get through without passing out. that night, i noticed my stomach was burning, and it would start burning again every time my stomach was empty. the internet and my local herbalist confirmed that i had earned myself a duodenal ulcer from all those NSAIDs. to be fair, it was a pretty big overdose, but not more than i’ve heard other people say they’ve taken. pretty good anecdotal evidence to avoid them, in my opinion.

edit for happy ending: i healed the ulcer in less than a week with smoothies made of fresh aloe vera gel (from my plants), chia seeds, vegetables, and fruit. my herbalist also made me some tea with marshmallow (the plant, of course) and licorice root and chamomile.