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these yoga poses also help me. i usually do reclining goddess with a pillow folded in half under my lower back to both pleasantly compress my sacrum and further open up my hips. of course, it’s difficult when you have to be up and moving around.

i’ve also experienced considerably fewer cramps most months in the three years since switching from tampons to a diva cup. it’s too up close and personal for some people, but if you can deal with knowing such intimate details of your vagina and cycle, it’s the best thing ever. it also eventually saves you money, since you don’t have to buy tampons anymore. my only word of advice is to use panty liners or get cloth pads (i got mine from because they aren’t as absurdly expensive as glad rags or the other big names), because once in a while, you will probably still have a little leak until you get the hang of things. again, cloth pads are an expense up front, but i think they’re worth it, too. i seriously haven’t bought any menstrual products in three years.

hope some of this hippie shit helps 🙂