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Hi guys,

: I go once a week to the sauna. Its very good. After that I swim for exercise.
Its only for an hour as I wait for my daughter training to finish. She is a competitive swimmer. Should it be longer to work better?

Hi Able, thank you for your patience with me. The confusion is somehow the worst part for me. Its kind of a battle of believes. I have no problem with the food, diet, needs, hunger etc. If I would know that its good I can stay forever in stage 1 of the diet. What is so demanding for the mind is the confusion. You help me greatly to calm my mind and to move on and on every day.

What confuses me is the leaky gut mixed with the candida. How do I know when the candida is in controll? I might still have the same problems as the leaky gut still is doing what the candida was doing before.

Then I am confused about healing the leaky gut. I experience and read that having a leaky gut one can react in a negative way to everything. It looks like that I react to things which are good like Kefir, garlic and onions. I read too have people with leaky gut can be allergic to acidophilus. It says for the intestines to heal one should avoid the food on is allergic too. Then one should rotate them on a 3 days schedule.

For about 5 month I started with a food journal to figure out what is working and what is not. I have no clue. Some great days are with food like kefir and even a garlic. When I am happy that this food was ok. I get a smashing reaction 2 days later which really messes me up. Off and on it goes. The result is utter confusion about the steps to be taken.

What I do now I follow the diet of phase 1 to the point but dont know if the reaction are from the candida or if the candida is under control as I still have the symptoms with the same strength but…..then again… I sometimes experience hours of nearly 100 percent freedom from symptoms.

What do you think about my plan of action?

I stick in phase 1 of our diet and give a dam about symptoms.
I dont eat garlic and onions because my reactions are too strong.
I take again Grapefruitseedextract to kill off candida
I order Oil of oregano extract when i have money and rotate it with the GFSE.
I save more money and order a very powerfull probiotica
I play around with the Kefir to figure out how much I can take. Maybe its the amount and if it looks hopeless I will see if I can stand the probiotica.

Any other ideas what to do better?

thank you for all your help guys!!!!!!!

PS Am I allowed to eat yucca root in stage 1 of the diet. Is it called too cassava root?

Can I eat the Jerusalem artichoke? Its high on inulin but I don’t know if its feeding the candida?

Can I eat the chicory root too? I don’t know if I can get them but I will see if they can order it for me.