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cjtboy;30579 wrote: I have heard several folks on the forum refer to ‘reactions’ they get quickly after consuming sugar. I am wondering what these reactions tend to be?

I have not had a formal candida diagnosis, and am trying other avenues right now based on Traditional Chinese Medicine as the diet wasn’t working for me long term. That said, I think candida is still definitely a possibility, and may return to some form of the diet.

I tried some sugar laced treats over the holidays and didn’t feel anything other than bowel issues next, which I are my top symptoms in general – and my biggest complaint. I sometimes have these issues with or without having sugar, so not sure the sugar was the cause. (western docs call it IBS).

Please let me know – thanks!

I got diagnosed with IBS and thought about 2 years ago that I had candida. But in the end being on the diet here I grow worse and worse. I thought it was die-off, still feeling terrible and not knowing what I had I studied more and more about IBS and came to the conclusion that my IBS was in fact SIBO and that explained why I felt like I was dying when I was on the diet here. Losts of fibre, losts of pre-biotics, lots of probiotics and then kefir and yoghurt. I lost over 30 kg and still had a belly like having a 9 month baby in my stomach. ( I am a man LOL) I then kick out the high fibre. And after 3 days the brain fog was gone. After a week my diareer stopped. Now I am on the SCD diet and learnt a hell of a lot about different kind of sugars. Sugars are not sugars. Your body need them but you dont want to give food to bacteria and candida. So I am eating honey, fruits etc to give my cells power but I dont feed the enemie because the sugar is broken down and absorbt quickly given your system power. If your cells dont get enough food your immunesystem is going down but you need that one to be strong. Then I kicked all milk products, I believe I am milk protein intollerant and feel even better when I stopped with all milk related products.

I highly reccoment these books: I bought a lot off IBS books but these two where the ones making the real difference for me:

Today I am around 90 percent ok. And I eat much healtier than when I was eating the diet here because the range is bigger as I can eat selected fruits and feel strong and good. I gained 18kg back. 🙂