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Danny33;50231 wrote:

Have you used this? What results can you see?

After reading how people praise Threelac for absolutely saving their lives, I’ve read this website:
And now I’m not sure if it’s really that good.

If you’ve got some experience of using this medication, then share it, I’m not sure if I should get it. Buying it would be really difficult and expensive, so I have to know I really want it.


ThreeLac is a great product.

The only thing is, candida will likely acquire a resistance to the bacteria present in Three & FiveLac. I myself went on ThreeLac for about 4 months total. The first month of ThreeLac was nothing less than amazing. My bowel movements improved greatly, my energy came back, brain fog lifted, etc.

After about 3-4 weeks in the treatment ThreeLac began to loose steam, this is because of a acquired resistance of Candida.

ThreeLac is expensive, so I would only recommend if you need a boost at sometime in your treatment.
At the time, I was not following an anti-candida protocol and was eating whatever I wanted and it still worked fantastic for about a month. Combined with a good anti-fungal like SF722, Nystatin, etc you may do really well on this.

my 2 cents.

I’ve read that it has yeast and sugar and that it could even make the Candida symptoms worse without a die-off. I’ve read about this here:

Some have a lot of help out of it, some have even more problems. Try searching about it on the Internet. There are many different experiences.

So I’m not getting it, sounds a bit risky to me.