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Thanks for the post. How long have you been on total time and when did you switch to phase two? I am in week 7 so I am just going to introduce a few things so I can gain weight and be less cranky 🙂

A cruise will be challenging but also easy in a lot of ways since there is always food around and you don’t have to cook.

We will all need to compare notes in September since there are a lot of vacations happening. I plan on bringing coconut bread, almond balls and coconut-buckwheat pancakes (all made ahead of time) for breakfast and snacks and keeping them in my room. I always ask hotel rooms to empty my fridge. For lunch and dinners just fill up on greens, salads, fish and chicken. Of course, it won’t be organic but one week won’t kill you. I believe we just do the best we can. When I traveled without flying (like last week and next week) I just cook a ton and put it all in a cooler. My family August vacation I’ll be doing what I wrote ahead of time.

You can do it!
Feel good.