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hwc2020;46855 wrote: Stovariste, thanks for the research on green tea. I didn’t understand why it’s not good either. Perhaps the trace amount of caffeine? You have turkish coffee each day? What week did you introduce that? I am first day of week 7. I am pretty sure my body should not have coffee again as I’m almost positive I’m also healing adrenal insufficiency/fatigue. I sure miss it. Happy for you.

Actually I’ve been trying to stop it all the time, but I never managed for longer then few days. It’s like Raster have never managed to quit smoking while on diet, he just reduced the number. Even Able told me that he does not want to take away this one serve daily since I need it, and he gave me other directions where I can improve my diet (I was eating almonds and red meat etc..)

Nat;46874 wrote: Wait a sec… your cheat is GREEN TEA? If you’re going to cheat at least make it a good one! I’ve cheated a couple cubes of chocolate and cheesecake. I don’t regret it. Especially the chocolate, it was on account of PMS.

lol 😀