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Able900 wrote: It’s not about carbs and it’s really not so much about amounts in this case, it’s about lactose being a part of the butter. All I can tell you is that lactose feeds Candida. How many Candida that amount of lactose will feed I do not know, but you can believe that they’ll make use of every drop.
I tried probably six or seven times to add butter halfway through my treatment period because, like you, I wanted it badly, but I finally broke down and ordered ghee instead. The reason I couldn’t add butter was because every single time I tried, the Candida symptoms returned. This is all I need to know that anyone with Candida should beware of the fact that butter, or any other unfermented dairy product, spells trouble.

That does make sense. I will keep away from butter.

Able900 wrote: It isn’t necessarily just the molds, there’s something about nuts in general I believe.

OK, will keep an eye for it and thread carefully there.

Able900 wrote: Add only one more animal protein day per week, not two. You can add another one next week.

Got it!

Able900 wrote: Sunflower oil shouldn’t bother you, so I think it would be ok at this point.

That’s great, it feels as such a sin using EVO to fry something 🙂 I will just use it occasionally for more fat save EVO for good stuff.

Able900 wrote: What I remember is my own incident with rutabaga which I thought would surely kill me. Not fun, huh? I didn’t touch it again for weeks. But when I finally did I continued to use it four or five times a week probably, and still use it weekly in fact as a good maintenance food-antifungal source. That’s why I always tell people to “PLEASE” be careful with this vegetable; it’s really unbelievable when it comes to being a powerful antifungal.

Oh that thing just scares me now! I love the taste and I eat it only raw. It’s similar to radishes but little more intense and I’ve always ate a lot of radishes so I’m used to it already. I will try it again, but let me tell you, that stuff should be sold clearly labeled with huge “CAUTION” sign hahahaha…

Able900 wrote: I don’t think it was a placebo effect, Arijana. If your low sodium count was the reason for the weak feeling as well as weak muscle feeling (and I suspect this was a big cause), the salt would have worked fairly quick, at least to a small degree.

So I am better, still not all the way but I am sure you can’t get the salt back in overnight. I did another glass of salty water this morning and I did measure about 1/4 of teaspoon of salt to put in my salad dressing. It does taste better with more salt and you don’t really taste that much of it in the salad. I still have a bit of weakness in my knees, my head feels a bit funny but not dizzy. Probably my blood pressure is adjusting, it’s always been chronically low. Didn’t measure it, don’t really care what it is as long as I feel fine.

I think I do have some mild die-off as well since I am now taking 1/2 of teaspoon of blackseed oil every day (instead of every other day) for three days already. Will work that up to a teaspoon and then test the coconut oil when I go on vacation. Wanted to make some more room for probiotics as I plan to first increase them and then switch over to some good ones I manage to get my hands on. Also, by further reducing the numbers my return of symptoms is less likely to happen as long as I work out a good diet plan out of what options that I do have.

Able900 wrote: You’ve got that right. What a way to learn how to appreciate the small things in life.

Living trough war for about 3.5 years did teach me, but oh how quickly that was forgotten. This will sound odd, but I am not all that sorry that all this happened to me, there is a slight positive in it such as remembering to appreciate what counts in life (such as kids, family, friends, laughter and definitely not work or money even though we do need it to survive in this material world… i think I just sounded a bit like Madonna in 80ies hahahaha)

Again, I cannot thank you enough Able for your help and patience! It must be so frustrating saying same things over and over and explaining stuff for the millionth time so i do admire you for sticking around to do this. Many just report they feel well and disappear from the forum never looking back. I feel so fortunate to have found this place and all of the knowledge I would not gather in a year!