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Could you also respond to question about probiotic that Chloe posted? Can I get that one? It is not shipped refrigerated but the web site claims it doesn’t need to be. Can you please give your opinion?

Arijana, if you’re talking about Mercola’s probiotic, then yes this would work because, even though it’s only ten strains, at least it contains Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS-1. If you can obtain this, I think it has a chance of making a difference for you.

I am also having a major weakness again this afternoon. I was fine almost all day. After work I walked to my car (it’s a 20 minute fast paced walk) and was still OK, but while driving I felt the weakness starting. Now, at home I can barely move my legs to walk. I did have salt-water this morning and then I had about 1/4 teaspoon on my salad. I had a tbsp of coconut flour with my oatmeal about two hours ago, wonder if this time it’s die-off.

If the flour contains a good bit of oil like you explained earlier, then it could very well be die-off.

afternoon meal (3pm): oatmeal of two tbsp of oat bran and one tbsp of coconut flour on water only,

I guess I don’t understand the use of the coconut flour there as being sprinkled over food. It sounds like it’s being used the way chefs use powdered sugar here which gives foods such as donuts a sweeter taste. Does the flour have a sweet taste?

I must make a confession: today I had my very first cheat since starting the diet. Around 10am today my colleague brought some great smelling strawberries so I had one tiny strawberry. My weakness started at 4:30pm. Is it possible that this little strawberry caused this? Wouldn’t I have a reaction right away?

Like I’ve said before, everyone is different, so not necessarily right away although that seems to be the usual way.

I am so frustrated right now and angry with myself! I did really great for 4 months, had no cheats! He stuck it under my nose and they smelled so great, and he said “one little strawberry will not do anything major.” and I was sold.

I used to deal with this all the time as well; until I started replying, “Then you eat it.”

One cheat in four months is pretty darn near perfect, Arijana.

So don’t be so hard on yourself, that’s my job.