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I did not find any that contain DDS-1 strain. The highest strains is the 8 strain one I mentioned. I don’t have many options and the probiotics are just getting popular here so I am generally looked at very strangely when I start asking about the number of strains and the count. People here just purchase these as they are recommended by someone or in odd occasion by a doctor. If I find someone visiting from US I will ask them to bring me some good quality probiotics but I don’t know anyone planing to come any time soon.

That’s unfortunate. I hope someone you know will be making a trip to the US soon.

But don’t lactose and/or sugar translate to carbs? so if there is only 0.7 carbs there can’t be more sugar than that? I assumed calories are coming from fat which I do desperately need. Sorry, I am a bit slow on this stuff.

It’s not about carbs and it’s really not so much about amounts in this case, it’s about lactose being a part of the butter. All I can tell you is that lactose feeds Candida. How many Candida that amount of lactose will feed I do not know, but you can believe that they’ll make use of every drop.
I tried probably six or seven times to add butter halfway through my treatment period because, like you, I wanted it badly, but I finally broke down and ordered ghee instead. The reason I couldn’t add butter was because every single time I tried, the Candida symptoms returned. This is all I need to know that anyone with Candida should beware of the fact that butter, or any other unfermented dairy product, spells trouble.

So if my cough comes back and my nose gets stuffy again I probably didn’t do a good job of removing the molds, right?

It isn’t necessarily just the molds, there’s something about nuts in general I believe.

Yes, I do believe it’s die-off. I get dizzy, nausea, aches and pains, weakness… I am getting ready to include it again but am being careful about it. I did have about tbsp in my oat bran oatmeal few times and seemed to do well on it, not too bad. The bread probably has too much of the coconut so 3-4 slices of that gets me. What I was going to do next is make a very small coconut bread with buckwehat flour and have like a slice a day and then slowly increase it.

Sounds like a good plan.

Right now I have chicken once per week and fish once per week, every now and then I will have fish second day if I lack creativeness or time to prepare a meal, I have sardines in olive oil and sea salt in cupboard for emergencies like this. I don’t eat them on regular basis. OK, so I will add one more meat day and perhaps one more fish day. So I would have chicken twice per week and fish twice per week and have three days eggs only. Correct?

Add only one more animal protein day per week, not two. You can add another one next week.

OK, I will try this. One more question. How bad would be to occasionally use sunflower oil? I noticed that my body likes it as it is greasier than olive oil. I know it is not as healthy as EVO but it would not hurt my progress much would it?

Sunflower oil shouldn’t bother you, so I think it would be ok at this point.

I also had rutabaga 4 days in a row. It kicked off such a reaction that I was in bed for 4 days and was sure I will die. I tossed the rest of it and was to afraid to touch it again hahahaha… I am planning to get back to it at some time, but want to be more stable and not have so much die-off.

What I remember is my own incident with rutabaga which I thought would surely kill me. Not fun, huh? I didn’t touch it again for weeks. But when I finally did I continued to use it four or five times a week probably, and still use it weekly in fact as a good maintenance food-antifungal source. That’s why I always tell people to “PLEASE” be careful with this vegetable; it’s really unbelievable when it comes to being a powerful antifungal.