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raster wrote: One strawberry is hardly anything to beat yourself up about; one box of strawberries is something that should cause concern! Don’t worry about it because your body should easily get over any bad effects found in the strawberry.

Be sure to rinse it very thoroughly before eating because strawberries and raspberries are rather high in mold content while blueberries are low in mold content. For instance, if you left a box of strawberries on a window sill one day it would turn moldy fast!

Keep it up orka and try to get in some antifungals as you can handle it!


Thanks raster. I just felt stupid. If I didn’t cheat for four months, what happened to me yesterday I don’t know. It doesn’t matter that it’s a tiny little strawberry, it’s more of why would I do this if I am trying so hard to get over this? It’s like climbing a steep hill and then jumping back down half way only to have to climb back up. Sounds pointless, doesn’t it? This logic (and my nature of following stuff to the dot) kept me from cheats.

Now, a whole tablespoon of coconut in a one meal was probably my second stupid idea yesterday. I am still trying to get over all this. I am all shaky, achy, just sick this morning. I have no idea how I am going to drag myself to work today. Ohhhhh, the ups and downs while on this treatment are really difficult…