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Hi Jamespaul
I have read your post and thought I would comment on my experiences as it may help! I had been eating oats in the morning too until finding out that we aren’t supposed to have them on the Candida diet. I was gutted because they are the only thing that seems to fill me up in the morning. They never made me bloated but I have been on a diet for awhile and my symptoms are still fairly bad, meaning that there is something in my diet that is feeding the Candida. I don’t know about you but I find this diet a complete nightmare and would rather get it over an done with as soon as possible so I can start adding treats in again! So, I think that whilst oats don’t cause any bloating they are surely not doing your Candida any good and I think it can only be a good thing to cut them out and see what the results are.

I have just started eating Oat Bran for breakfast so I will see how I get on with that. I also have ocassional bloating, and it is usually after eating something I shouldn’t. It has usually gone by the morning and I am back to a very flat stomach again like you, so you can’t discount food because your stomach has returned to normal overnight. Don’t forget that your body repairs overnight and you are not eating for that amount of time (for most ppl 8 hours)so it is likely that the stomach returns to normal after that time (i’m by no means an expert, but it does make sense).

Hope this helps a little!