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Basically I was real ill and I noticed I felt way better not at my apartment so I moved out. I had seizures in my sleep as my big symptom. What happens is the candida feeds on the mold you inhale and consume and multiplies. I had major anxiety and food sensitivities. What I later realized is that most of my symptoms are directly related to histamine levels (look those up). So I took a ton of antifungals because I wanted to get over this quick and that made it worse for me and it took a few months to detox. Don’t do anything too quickly is my advice.

You likely would get better with allergy shots and you can get candida allergy shots too. This might be the easiest and effective way to get better. But keep in mind you still have to repair your body and the shots don’t do this.

I’m still not better, after 3 years you get sick of the diet and want to cheat. I can do the diet 6 days a week but I have to have a cheat meal which is my big problem now.

I basically had liver symptoms, histamine/allergy symptoms, seizures, and poor blood circulation symptoms.