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Hello there, and welcome to the forum.

I was more than just a little pleased to read your post because it proves just what I believe to be true; that more and more people are becoming interested in staying on a healthy diet after their infestation is cured than they are in getting back to the original diet, you know the one that got them here in the first place. But unfortunately there are still plenty of Candida sufferers who think that way. Is that manner of thought ridiculous or not?

Anyway, to get to your questions;

Quote: “I’m exhausted and have a terrible headache that just won’t go away. Another die-off reaction?”

Reply: Probably. If you’ve not read the post I made on Aug. 8 titled “Die-off Dangers” you may want to read it. Basically what you need to know is the information on two products, Molybdenum and Candidate by Native Remedies both of which treat the die-off symptoms as well as helping to clear the toxins from your body which is very important to the health of the liver.

Quote: “Is it weird to have a more significant die-off reaction this far in to my diet (this is the worst I’ve had)?”

Reply: No not weird. This could be due to the buildup of beneficial bacteria from the probiotic plus anything you may be eating that may add new bacteria such as organic Greek yogurt or kefir, as well as any prebiotic you may be eating to feed the beneficial bacteria such as fresh garlic, greens, onions, barley, asparagus, organic oat bran or brown rice bran, and broccoli.

Quote: “Did I mess up by taking antifungals and probiotics since day one (and eating beans and legumes, didn’t know that was a no-no the first two weeks)? Do I need to start over without all those things?”

Reply: No you didn’t mess up; all you would have done is cause yourself to go through a worse die-off experience than was necessary, however, the beans and legumes could have prevented the die-off from being that terrible. So in reality, your ‘mess up’ could be what saved you from a lot of suffering actually. And no, you do not need to start all over. I think you’re doing fine.

Quote: “Does my reaction to fruit mean I’m not ready for it yet?”

Reply: The sugar rush stemmed from the fact that your system has reached the point where it is no longer used to sugar and cannot handle it as well as it once did. A lot of people, when they’re well into the treatment and think they’re doing great with destroying the infestation, will end up cheating with an overload of sweets only to discover that they’re sick on their stomach within a few hours. Not a smart thing to do. Your system is able to adjust to just about anything you feed or don’t feed it, but overdoing it with something that it isn’t used to is asking for trouble. I’m not suggesting that you did this with the small bit of fruit, only that your body was simply not used to sugar of any type, and actually, I think that’s a good thing. If you wish to eat fruit at this point, I suggest starting with a quarter of a Granny Smith apple occasionally. It’s not only going to present less of a sugar rush, but the pectin (fiber component) is food for the flora in your system.

Let me know if you have other concerns, and congratulations on following your protocol so successfully.