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Thanks, Raster and Able!

So excited to know that I can have some occasional goat cheese on my salad!

Able, I figured out a couple of things in my diet that have changed in the past 3 or 4 days. I finally started using the stevia that I bought weeks ago. I realized it sweetens up my greek yogurt quite nicely, so I’ve been eating that as part of my breakfast every day. Before now, I was only eating the greek yogurt in small quantities — like a little in salad dressing or when I had refried beans and pico de gallo. I was using it more like sour cream than actually eating a whole cup of it.

I’m still feeling like crap. My headache is gone, but I’m exhausted and bloated (bloated for the first time in four weeks). So I have three theories about my symptoms:
-I could be having a reaction to dairy (my greek yogurt is organic cow’s milk — which I thought was ok to have as long as it’s only in greek yogurt and kefir)
-The beneficial bacteria in the greek yogurt could be causing a die-off reaction
-I may be intolerant to stevia (is that possible?)

Any thoughts?