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Determined wrote: I survived dinner out at a very decadent steak house. Roasted chicken (no skin) and steamed broccoli (no butter), which was actually a treat compared to everything else I’ve been eating. I survived an all you can eat buffet by eating hard boiled eggs with lemon and pepper wrapped in spinach leaves. Survived ice cream cake (not even a teensy taste). I survived a festival with the smells of deep fried fat foods and kettle corn assaulting my senses.

There’s nothing easy about trying to defeat candida. I visited France last year when I was on a self-imposed restricted diet before I knew candida was causing my problems. No wine, no cheese, no baguettes, no creamy sauces, no desserts…and, yet, I still had a great time. (And, the bonus was that my will power prevented me from getting sick.) Like many others on the forum, I’ve endured a long exhausting journey with candida. But, what other option is there? It sounds like you’re doing great. Stay strong…and good luck!