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I understand the point you want to make but there is a time for everything. Please do me the favour of reading her post again. I answered her very nice and kind in my first post. Even the second one was kind but maybe brutally honest. I worked with people who have addictions. I am educated in 12 steps program. May father was an alcoholic, my step father was violent to the point of beating me senseless until the police took me away from home. Now, I can tell you a lot about how humans work and how the ego is working.

Giving Satan a massage, means that you pamper the ego to the point where you love a person deeper into his addiction and into the grave. Its better to let him drown a bit so you can help him. These love me, love me, love me folks need always love and suck it out of the next one like a vampire is sucking out the life blood of other people to live its shadow existence. After the second post from her I knew where she is standing and why she is wining so much.

If you have been around here for a while you should have seen that everyone here who is crashed and beaten from life and sickness gets help and love. Everyone is stretching out a helping hand.

In that moment people on the forum who suffer more than being hungry are putting their concentration to another soul to help. But pampering a ego into the grave I never will do. After they suck you out they will go around and around to people complaining and whining but keeping their problems, finding faults on everyone and finding reasons to eat more, drink more, cry out for help more BUT continue with their addictions.

I hope you got my point.

That you ask for nicer words I can somehow understand but what I love most is the clearness of truths and a open dialogue. What I hold with you is that one should not come to a forum and suffer dirty and foul language, racisms etc but this you dont suffer here.

But you cant come either with a concept in your mind and a screen-play in your hands demanding verbal love performance according to your directions. Or do you want to play the good dictator here?

Love is action and not words. Even Jesus who loved his enemies got mad at the Pharisees. Telling them that they on the outside are white and clean but on the inside rotten. Love is not pampering but truth is love and action.

I hope Allira you understand what I say. And please take the short moment and with open eyes read her first post again, my first answer to her and then her second and my second. Dont you see that there is a love sucker in a making. If I would have pampered her more and more she would have found more to complain only to steer up some more drama.

I hope you dont need drama to feel alive and we can put that thing here to close together.