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Allira wrote: Sense of humour?!? What is funny about accusing someone of referring to you as ‘simple’ when they clearly didn’t?
Last week you blew what I said about the GI of two types that you didn’t include in your post of rice waaay out of proportion.
You were insensitive and rude to a woman posting about how difficult she was finding it sticking to the diet and wondering about Overeaters Anonymous.

You are a wealth of knowledge, Able, WE ALL KNOW THAT, and aside from your rudeness, probably everyone appreciates it.
You cured your infestation, that is fantastic. But you are downright rude to anyone who questions your advice.

New people come onto the forum confused and overwhelmed, possibly scared, feeling really ill, whatever. They aren’t at the stage you are, maybe you could have a little compassion and remember how daunting it is for someone embarking on such a drastic dietary change. If you’re sick of dealing with newbies and their questions then don’t answer questions!

All your ‘past members’ have left because they are hopefully cured and have probably moved on. While I agree your knowledge is invaluable, there is a more sensitive way of delivering it to people who are new at this! Your posts imply that you are sick to death of answering questions and giving advice. You probably are, (I would be) and if so, make the important threads ‘sticky’ and don’t answer anymore!

Allira that is pure bullshit you write here. Read the answer I gave to that woman concerning Able and how she behaved in the Thread she started. It is her who has to feel bad about her selfish, childish behaviour and you are in the same club.

You behave like a bunch of Victorian sissies who need a group of people holding up the smelling salt to get you back to life after you got a fainting spell.

Like a bunch of cry babies trying to get attention you are so easily hurt if one doesnt do the dance you like to see him dancing.

What about the truth in her post? Her being a Overeaters Anonymous? Bullshit on that one. I misunderstood that too and therefore she pointed that clearly with big letters out to me that she is NOT an overeater. Oh great, why is she joining them?
To steal their time too or to start a come on and pitty me party. I am suffering soooo much and you dont see me.

Even Satan likes to get a massage as long we pamper his ego. We help everyone here out of free will and love. Nobody gets a dime for it and how do you dare to have demands on anyone here especially to Able who would break his arm to help another soul here. Before you demand anything, first give something here.

Wake up girl from your dream of selfishness!