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Floggi;57103 wrote:

Other forums, however, have gradually evolved into their own belief system. Often, such a belief system has nothing to do with reality. On such forums, you tend to see a few “masters” who probably really think they are helping people, but who merely put forward their own personal beliefs, and who often fiercely attack anyone who dares challenge their opinions.

yup, agree. I think this forum suffers from this very much.

klips32;57044 wrote: A MD in Norway talks about this too, and even made a paper for a university there for docters to treat patients with candida hypersensitivity syndrome.

Even for MD’s, you’ve got to check what others think. Heck, you may find an MD who advocates increasing your sugar consumption. Does that mean that we should consume more sugar? I think it doesn’t. It just means that there is a single MD who has some very strange ideas, and that it’s a good thing that the great majority of MD’s wholeheartedly disagrees with this single person.

klips32;57044 wrote: It just seems like some people get immunetriggered defects by mercury OR the yeast

Is this something you read on some forum, or is it an observation that’s founded in solid research?

The MD I’m talking about made different research papers on the subject back in 01,06 and 07. Also some with candida and IBS. (nystatin in CRC pts.) and the IBS study is irrelevant.

regarding the mercury, the says the following:
I’ve tried to translate it from Norwegian ( )

It seems like mercury can cross react with yeastproteins, although I don’t know this is possible. But all subjects (see Family Practice 2001) which of whom did not respond to treatment with nystatin and diet, showed to be allergic to mercury.

Many dentists develop yeast allergies after amalgam treatments on many patients. Many patients with yeast allergy vs. candida albicans reports about yeast-allergi-like symptoms when consuming bakers yeast, beer or by getting their teeth done with amalgams.
Laboratories who do MELISA tests (see often find candida albicans allergy in patients with mercury allergy.
Most pt. with proven candida allergy who do not improve after a test diet (patients make a 14 day trial of eating no sugar, wheat, etc. to see if candida is a problem) show to react to their own amalgam fillings.
Children that are exposed to mold fungi and pollution with heavy metals are more prone to develop asthma, then a child who only is exposed to one of the factors.

These observations can after my opinion not only be explained with that c. albicans methylates mercury (this is also done by many bacteria), that candida yeast reabsorb mercury or that this reobserved heavy metal can be used by yeasts to do damage to the secretory IgA along the mucosa.

Solid research? Not really, more a good guess and experience. He started treating people back in the 80’s, and later made research about it.

What I am suggesting here is, that it isn’t about the amount of mercury or mercury poisoning, it’s about that some individuals are allergic vs. mercury. And that the immune system reacts to mercury the same way as it does vs. candida albicans proteins.