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I am thankful for the internet and this forum, and it probably wasn’t “cool” for me to rant the way I did this morning…I’ve been going through a lot of emotions because of mercury. I took out a lot of frustrations out on this forum today, and that is not fair. I am far more upset with my local doctors that misdiagnosed me, and I took it out on this forum when what I really wanted to do was walk into my GP’s office and ask them why they didn’t suggest mercury poisioning when I told them of all my extreme symptoms 2 years ago. I would have been fully recovered by now, still married, and probably a first time dad.

I’m still learning a lot of valuable lessons through this whole process, and it seems I learned another one today. Until I get on the other side of this illness, I need to stay as calm as possible, and hold off on hitting the send button before I’ve had time to reflect on my statements…that would be the responsible thing to do. It’s very frustrating to know that I sometimes don’t have control of my thoughts and actions, but comforting now to know that one day I will once I recover from mercury.

And you are right, I need to take responsibility for my own health. I pushed and pushed with antifungals, and I honestly got worse mentally. While I was on the protocol, I couldn’t tell what was causing what in my system. I know what Able said about testing things out, and I did that to the best of my ability…but it’s so much to take in, especially if you have something challenging you mentally like mercury.

What I wish was happening more on this forum is for everyone to keep an open mind. Some of us might heal and eventually eat normal healthy food again. We don’t know for sure if we have Candida alone or something else, or not at all. There are so many symptoms that could easily be placed under the Candida umbrella. And when you are deseperate and not getting answers, you are willing to believe and try anything, and as forum members, we should be totally aware of the responsibility that presents.

I was already stressed because of years of no answers, then a divorce and losing my home, and believing that I would have to eat a restrictive diet for the rest of my life…it wasn’t so much the kinds of things that were happening, it’s that my mind was going to extreme fears with all of this.

And it doesn’t help that there are rare success stories on the internet. If people are getting better or worse, they rarely come back to tell us…at least I’m doing that.

Able, I realize you are not perfect, and that you are sincerely trying to help. You helped me many times emotionally, and I am thankful. I hope we can learn and move forward from all this.