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I can do my best to help but you need to understand this situation is complex. There isn’t an standard protocol to eliminate CRC. It is individual. Protocols like what this guys advocate here are hundreds in the web. I can redirect you to the better known if you want. There isn’t any secret about following a diet and taking oregano oil, gse, garlic , etc. This is the basic thing you can do to start dealing with it. Does it means everybody who do it get results ?? No. There are people who resolve with it and with less, others need a real battle with Rx, and many more things to recover. Even, some of them, never recover.
Candida overgrowth is linked to an immune fault and you need to find what is adding load to your immune system that stop it battling the infection. Candida itself is a big load that have to go down.
You need to evaluate your case yourself, and to think that if you follow a well thought diet plus antifungals, even Rx, if you need them, but you don’t get results, something is hidden behind your case that don’t allow the treatment to work.
It could be mercury toxicity, and it is one thing you need to consider.
If you don’t have the money to remove your amalgams to star a chelation protocol, then you are in serious problem because the fungus won’t go away. You may get a point where you manage your symptoms, but you won’t be able to leave the diet and the antifungals. This is a very common case with CRC. Do you want to know if I am telling the true ??
Join the Frecuent Doses Chelation Yahoo group. It is free and you can write a post about your case and your amalgams. You will have a lot of answers from people who have done everything to end with candida without results because mercury was present. There are hundreds of stories in the archives, the moderators, even the same Andy Cutler can tell you how many people joint the forum because candida overgrowth is affecting their life. It is a large forum with hundreds of posts diary.
I can not do more but give you clues about what you may need to do.