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Hello Able and Raster, thanks so much to you both for all of the time you spend dispensing advice on this forum. It’s deeply appreciated.

I knew when I asked that the question couldn’t be answered for certain since there are too many variables involved. Fortunately, after a good night’s sleep and not putting anything more into my stomach, I woke up yesterday feeling fine. So whatever it was seems to have worked its way out of my system. Perhaps it was the psyllium, Raster, though that was only one teaspoon taken over 24 hours before the vomiting, and I had used the bathroom several times earlier in the day on Sunday. At this point, I tend to think that since I was already feeling weak and my stomach was empty and angry about it, the lime juice detox drink (for which I juiced the whole lime, rind and all) was probably just too much acidity to handle.

Also, Raster: Yes, I am following the protocol, but I didn’t find it on Saturday until after we’d already had the detox drink with the psyllium/clay.

Able: I got molybdenum and we have been taking it since yesterday. And, the milk was strictly an emergency measure I resorted to with the vomiting — clearly it didn’t help, as it exited my body the way it came in relatively short order!

The salt I use is Hain iodized sea salt. It does contain a very small amount of dextrose, but I looked it up and it’s only .04%, which is pretty miniscule. Doubt this would be a problem?

We have now taken to eating eggs and raw, steamed, roasted or lightly sauteed (grapeseed oil only, not butter) vegetables, and supplementing it with 1-2 pints of green juice (Raster: no fruits other than lemon/lime). We really wanted to try to do a total juice fast, but I just don’t think my body is cut out for it, and I know to listen to what my body is telling me it needs (except for the beer and bratwurst it really wanted during the game on Sunday…). It’s still not easy, but I know it’s temporary.

I have some other food-related questions, but I’ll post them in a separate topic. Thanks again.