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Hi, Katy.

Obviously there are mixed opinions on the efficiency of vitamin C (as with everything else it seems) in connection with Candida.

Many doctors and other so-called ‘experts’ claim that Candida, as well as bacteria, fungi and parasites can be killed off by high dose vitamin C.

A while back I read a report by one doctor who claimed that a Candida infestation could be cured by “too much” vitamin C. That may or may not work this way: Too much vitamin C in the body over a period of hours or a day or two causes one to throw up as well as having diarrhea. The doctor claimed that, if this went on for an indefinite period of time then the body would eventually be rid of all the Candida. I have no idea if that would work, of if it’s ever worked for anyone, but it sounds a bit scary if you ask me.

At any rate, I can say that I’ve taken vitamin C for the past 30 years at least, and I didn’t slow down my intake with the onset of Candida at all. In fact, if anything some days I took more than normal.