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I remember seeing this quite some time ago. Its a very detailed study on acetaldehyde. Unfortunately, flax oil can have estrogen like properties. After using it a while it seemed to be causing some hormone issues. Cottage cheese I don’t have any issues with it other than being constipating.

The other problem that candida victims can have is ammonia production. Another research paper just like this could be written on ammonia production from Fungal candida. Between ammonia and acetaldehyde it can make the candida life a living hell.

Flax oil has 55% alpha-linolenic acid making it the oil with the highest % of ALA. Some other oils that have ALA are Hemp(19%),Pumpkin(15%), Black Currant(13%). Whats interesting about the study is the affect that carnosine might have on acetaldehyde. That is one supplement I have not tried. It did say that it is not recommended all the time because of side effects. A lot of the other supplements for helping with acetaldehyde levels are sulfur based and might cause some issues for those with sulfur sensitivities. Interesting study…