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tatty wrote: i know you guys are all just speaking from your own experience…im not expecting anyone to have all the answers i need. but if anyone has any suggestions i can do to potentially help myself without checking myself into a hospital would be very helpful to me. thank you!

Hello, tatty.

I would like to ease your mind a little first by telling that not all of us here on the forum are fumbling around in the dark in an attempt to cure our Candida infestation. Many of us have either completely cured or are at least on a definite road to recovery from the dreadful disease.

In addition, many of us have and are still researching every aspect of a Candida albicans infestation, and we answer each question with research to back up the information we offer.

Personally, I have a very limited amount of experience with Candida, and I would never attempt to answer a question with only my experience to back it up. You can trust that each of my comments to you will stem from official, published research conducted by universities, scientists, and medical facilities all over the world.

Now to address your concerns:

First, don’t worry about the lemon drink as you can cure your infestation without it.

Your daily diet of broccoli, cucumber, Brussels sprouts, and one chicken breast is almost perfect, but I have to ask, are you allergic to eggs? (eggs are not a dairy product) If not, I would substitute organic eggs every other day for your protein source. The reason for this is, when the protein in animal meat breaks down in your body, it releases ammonia which is beneficial to the Candia but not to your body. The ammonia is a drain on the liver which is already being overworked in keeping the toxins that the Candida is producing out of the body. I would also suggest adding a larger variety of green vegetables, such as asparagus, cabbage, and various greens (turnip, mustard, spinach, etc.) as well as avocados if you can eat these items. By the way, if you’re worried about cholesterol, eggs are not as bad as meat as far as cholesterol levels. Let me know if you have cholesterol problems, and I’ll post the research.

You’ve apparently had Candida albicans long enough to acquire leaky gut syndrome, and this is the reason for all the new sensitivities. Curing the leaky gut is part of the Candida treatment, in other words, if you stick strictly to the protocol, you’ll be curing your infestation and at the same time the leaky gut problems.

When you go to purchse the grape bitters, be sure to look for a type that contains no alcohol; most people can handle the small amount of alcohol that they contain, but you will definitely be better off without it considering your situation. Swedish bitters may be your only other choice for obtaining the bitters which are alcohol free. If you can’t find these, let us know when you return and we’ll give you some places online where you can obtain them.

With the prolonged infestation that you’ve suffered from, the naturopath was no doubt correct in saying that your adrenals are shot. Rebuilding the adrenal glands will take place as you’re curing the infestation as the treatment is designed to do that as well.

To start with, print the entire protocol (link below) so that you’ll always have it available when there is a doubt. Don’t try to absorb it all at one time, just take it a day at a time, and eventually you’ll be able to understand how your body is going to be healed from the infestation.

Please let us know about any doubts or questions you have.

Sincerely, Able