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Hello, Katy.

I know this story all too well. I’ve been on the Candida diet (still phase 1) since last year, and I’ve fought this protein problem all along. As far as what I can and can’t eat goes; I can’t eat nuts, any kind, not at all. For the first time in several months, the other day I tried a few almonds which I shelled myself and soaked in water all night. I still received a reaction from them that was strong enough that I won’t be trying that again. I had started adding some dried beans a few weeks ago, but this week I received a fairly strong reaction from those, so I’ve stopped them again, and when I start back it will be gradually, and even slower and less than before. I also have to be very careful about the meat I eat. I seem to receive a reaction from all red meats, no matter what it is. I purchase organic chicken breasts because I’ve found that I can’t find chicken anywhere else that doesn’t have extra salt added for preservation, and I receive a reaction from it when that’s done. I was also eating a small bowl of organic Greek yogurt with coconut cream mixed in it, but I finally started feeling reactions to that as well.

Unless I have the organic chicken on hand, eggs are my one life saver to be honest. I can only purchase the organic chicken in my area on certain Saturdays at a local Farmer’s Market, and it “extremely” expensive, so sometimes I run out and have to depend on the eggs alone.

So my advice to you is to eat eggs and a lot of them. Of course, I purchase only organic eggs which are available both at the farmer’s market and several supermarkets in my area.

Good luck, Katy, and know that if you stick with this you will see a difference in time. I was seeing a difference until I started adding all of those foods I mentioned. Just take it easy when you start adding other foods.

Thanks for your post, Able