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Ask your pharmacist!

Grapefruit is contra-indicated because it increases the potency of zoloft. This means that taking zoloft and grapefruit results in an overdose of zoloft. This even happens if you take zoloft in the morning and grapefruit in the evening, or the other way round.

This interaction is caused by some compounds of grapefruit inhibiting an enzyme that metabolizes zoloft.

These compounds are present in grapefruit and in grapefruit juice. I do not know whether these compounds (there are several of them) are also present in grapefruit seeds; maybe they are, maybe they are not. Therefore, please consult your pharmacist.

An overdose of zoloft is no fun at all, it may have very serious consequences. Therefore, do not “just try”, but ask your pharmacist or another reputable and reliable source first.