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I would cut out wheat for a very very long time if you want to get better…this only causes health problems and has little nutritional benefit. Same with the white rice and other refined carbohydrates. I’d even consider cutting out honey which is sugar essentially, amaranth which is high in starch (easily converted to sugar), and milk which contains lactose which converts to sugar.

Also, since you see that you have quinoa in your stool, I would stop this as well because you need to avoid foods fermenting in the gut at all costs. You also may not be chewing your food correctly and this can be hard for your body to digest.–Simple-tip-to-improve-your-health.aspx

I’d check out this constipation remedies post on how to improve your digestion:

You aren’t that far away from what the candida diet is, so I would continue in this direction and eliminate the harmful foods.

It sounds like you have learned about one good constipation remedy already, which is trace minerals.

I also think you have the wrong mindset about the diet.

Before I reattempt the strict diet I want to ensure that I do not suffer malnutrition. I want my stomach lining and entire digestive system to be healthy first.

UM, this is what the diet is for in the first place, to help restore your digestive system, the stomach lining, etc. If you can heal leaky gut, then your body will absorb more nutrients because it has a greater surface area and thus you can gain weight.

What are you doing to prevent malnutrition and to strengthen your stomach lining? You haven’t explained this yet…are you not eating enough food?