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Just need some inspiration from everyone. I still think I am in a better mood than what I used to be, but this past week; I seem to have hit a little sluggish spot. It still happens, but far less than what it used to. Then, I just remember that the nd tells me; don’t wear your adrenals out; the key for me is nice and slow. Just like the advice I gave to someone on here the other day. It is just that I seem to have a more energy than before, and I like to do things, but then every once in awhile, my digestion will then act up. I know the nd promised me that this holidays might still be a little rough for me, but not as bad. However, by next year, I should be seeing great strides. Hope to hear from you all soon; I got to try and rest today as much as possible, just do a few light things to get back on track. Oh, and next time I make this; I think it could still use some tweaking; I adapted a candida-friendly version of a gluten-free twinkie recipe I found on the internet. It didn’t come out too bad, but could use some work. I never was a twinkie person back in the day (my weakness was always dairy; pudding, etc.; still is for comfort food), but I just had to try this. lol