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I started taking an iodine supplement about two months ago because I knew that my diet was now lacking in it (because I am vegetarian and not getting much iodine in other food sources from the diet). I still continue to take it and plan to unless my doctor says otherwise.

Raster, glad to hear that your ringwork is finally healing. Sounds like your neuropath doctor has been able to help you in a lot of different areas. That is very comforting. 🙂 I hope you are able to resolve your other issues in time. I too seem to still be lacking in energy, but I may not have reached my optimal dosage of medicine yet. I know I am WORLDS better than just a few weeks ago, so I am so thankful for that.

Yes Able, thankfully a thyroid issue is easy to manage with medication. I was so frustrated, sad, and stressed out because I was so careful with the candidia diet and could not figure out why I was not improving anymore. In fact, when I got to thinking about it, my problem had actually gotten worse over the past year and I was having to do more and more stuff to make it through the day. It was completely ruining my relationship with food. 🙁

Although it might seem like I’ve found an easy “out” because I don’t appear to have a canidida problem, I did take the journey with you and felt all the same fears and frustrations as many of you on the forum. My 4.5 month journey just didn’t help me like it seems to help most of you. I will pray for all of you in finding your health. You all deserve it!

I will check in from time to time. Take care all! 🙂