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Well, I appreciate the update personally; not everyone comes back and gives us an update.

I am sorry that we weren’t able to solve all of your problems, this is why I try to advise consulting a doctor in a lot of my posts, but I don’t do it enough.

I may have a thyroid or atleast did have a thyroid problem at one time, but I think its mostly healed. I haven’t diagnosted it myself or by a doctor or anything, but I remember that some of my symptoms were at one time worse, probably because a specific organ was pretty damaged.

I have been healing pretty slowly over the last 9 months and I feel that I have other underlying problems that go beyond candida as well. For instance, my ringworm hasn’t cleared up since starting the diet and hasn’t gotten better. I probably have had it for the last few years, it comes and goes but typically stays around somewhere on my scalp. I mentioned this to my naturopath and he stated that I have a parasite problem; so I recently started some skin related mineral/vitamin supplements and anti parasite homeopathic medicines. After a week I feel quite a bit better and the ringworm is going away…

I also have a general “low energy” problem, and am interested in trying out a blood sugar diet where I eat a small piece of food every hour. I hope this gets corrected in time as well.

Keep on and I hope you find your cure. Are you taking a medication with iodine in it?