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The single greatest factor in leaky gut problems is inflammation. For whatever reason you are inflaming your gut. Do you drink coffee or eat fried food? This is likely why the reactions are occurring, its all related to inflammation.

Here’s a good website to look at for inflammation levels of certain foods:

Are you taking any anti-inflammatory supplements? Examples include cod liver oil, cinnamon, etc. There is also a leaky gut tea I recommend called throat coat tea, and this will greatly reduce inflammation.

I don’t think you should cut out the foods that are causing the reactions, you just need to rotate. Don’t pigeon hole yourself into an overly restrictive diet. You are likely reacting because you are getting better not because you are getting worse…when your body becomes more clean, anything can disturb it even slightly.

I recommend doing acupuncture and maybe do galbladder, pancreas, or small intestine points. This should reduce the swelling and improve your digestion. You could have a specific organ that isn’t working properly such as the ones I mentioned and this could be why you experience swelling. It also could be your colon so you might want to consider hydrotherapy and clean out the colon.

The gas after eating food is not a good thing at all and this likely is related to deficiencies in stomach acid:–written-by-Dr–McCoombs.aspx

If food ferments in the gut then it’ll produce gas which causes bloating and farting. This could all be due to stomach acid levels or an organ such as pancreas not functioning optimally.