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The coconuts and garlic are strongly antifungal. You also don’t have systematic candida because if you did you would be in the hospital fighting for your life. You have candida related complex (CRC) if you do have it.

The die-off can last a long period of time potentially if you don’t have a detox plan and if the yeast levels remain high. Some people have die-off for many months in a row.

If you develop a good detox plan, the die-off might go away completely. Most people who have die-off have compromised liver health…because not everyone gets die-off.

The florajen is a probiotic and it should contribute to die-off as well as the coconut oil and the garlic so this product will not make it better. What you need is liver support supplements. I would consider stopping all of these and then the die-off will be less severe.

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