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Naturegirl27 wrote: I started the SF 722 Undecenoic acid a couple of days ago. I also started eating coconut bread on the same day. Now today, I started getting some vaginal itching… which I didn’t even have before I started the diet. I am assuming it is a mild vaginal yeast infection which is rather discouraging because I was improving thus far on the diet. It was difficult to find info online about side effects. The only thing that I found was that the undecenoic acid may cause redness, burning, and itching. I don’t know if that was talking about the topical type. It said the SEs are mild, and the treatment is still very important to follow; that I sound just use symptomatic relief of the itching. I know that (this is kind of graphic) I have used a tampon dipped in plain organic yogurt twice a day for like 7 days to clear up vaginal yeast infections in the past. Is this a common SE? Is it okay for me to treat it?

The fungus react to the antifungals. It is normal. Anywhere you have fungal colonies, there will be a battle ground against the yeast and the poison. You can feel it.