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1533jd;33284 wrote: Thanks for this information, I’ve come across this before but needed to make sure I fully understood before I went ahead and did what you’ve done.
So what your trying to say is order 2-3 orders of £15 and below rather than one big order of £45 say for example?

I’ve spent a small fortune so far and really need to start cost minimising rather than frantically buying everything at astronomical prices!
Just forked out 56 squids for thorne b12 and thorne sf722…yes I have been robbed.

Best Wishes fellow UK sufferer & Keep strong,

that’s correct, I was apprehensive so i e-mailed them to make it clear if i placed 3 orders in quick succession i would not want them to be combined and they confirmed they never do this.

Thorne b12 is £10.16 for 60 + £3.78 p+p [with the $6 option].

the sf722 is £19.21 for 250 + 3.78 p+p

sadly that one will take you over the £15 threshold for duty/vat and will also be an automatic eye watering £8 post office handling fee [which they claim they make no profit from *cough* *cough*].

I will stay as far from the threshold or find out at the time exactly which exchange rate they are using.

There are also many good quality options within £15 bracket I certainly haven’t gone for the cheapest, i will be getting zinc/calcium/magnesium orotate for example which is the most expensive form. I can only get the smaller tub but it saves me a small fortune on uk prices regardless.

Information and links are on this thread: