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klips32;45502 wrote: I’m kinda stuck again:

I have to eat just some carbs to avoid to much adrenal fatigue, so I rotate different sources of wholegrain carbs, buckwheat (reacting to this) and green lentils and mung beans (no reaction to these, as long as I don’t eat them to many days in a row).

I can’t eat the most bran stuff like oat bran or rice bran. Coconut flour gives me rashes real bad, so cant eat that.

I could try out teff flour, if I can get it somewhere. But, there isent really much to eat at all..any help?

2. Rain and damp weather: I just get sick again when it rains. I’ll check for allergic reaction to mold, but any humid air interring my lungs trigger the bad symptoms.
Have anyone had this, and how did they deal with it?

For me, options are a) moving to a new apartment with no mold history b) move to a country where the air rarely is humid and less rain…

These are the main problems that set me back all the time I guess.

What are you taking to help heal your leaky gut?