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You should consider trying this out with a different approach. Don’t take as many antifungals and try out SF722 (one capsule per day) to start out. The die off is much more gentle with SF722 because its a fatty acid.

Then I would try to detox by doing the steam room/sauna thing I mentioned earlier and I wouldn’t take any detox supplements while doing this (or just milk thistle/molybdenum). These can make you feel bad too and are antifungal.

At a later time I would focus on liver health once off the meds and this should reverse the eczema. People with eczema typically have liver problems because you aren’t detoxing (did this start when you first started taking medications 11 years ago?).

Also I would go back to the naturopath and maybe think of alternative ways to detox or other ways to get better. Just because something had a bad side effect doesn’t mean you should stop seeing them, they didn’t know that this was gonna happen very likely.

Also consider doing a less strict diet before getting more strict. Transition into the candida diet instead of doing it full bore. If you do things really quickly it might overload the body. Transition into all of your suppplements at low doses vs. at high doses.

Consider trying acupuncture which can rebalance your body and help you detox and get over the bad symptoms.