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Shannon29 wrote: I am on the very strict version of the diet. After the first 3 days I started feeling the die off and I upped my dosage of molybdenum. Then it went away for a few days and about a week later came back again for a few days,. Then I was feeling ok up until about 4 days ago when I got a sore throat and flu like symptoms. The past 4 days have been on and off HELL. Chest tightness, burning in the chest, dry cough, stuffy nose, anxiety attacks, diziness, fatigue, body aches. Also my nose feels very sore on the inside. But it isn’t consistent. I don’t feel perfect but I will feel awful for a few hours then ok for another few. The epsom salt baths seem to help as does lots of water and molybdenum, but I’m afraid I’m taking too much (sometimes 1200 mcg in a day). There are times when I feel like I should go to the hospital but I’m afraid they will give me antibiotics. Any advice? is what I’m going through normal? Thanks

It’s fairly normal, but I think it’s too much die-off myself. Read the information on the post below and try some of the recommendations to lessen the die-off effect. You may want to purchase one supplement mentioned in the post called “Candidate” by Native Remedies as it’s very effective at relieving the symptoms.