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Vegan Catlady
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Im just going to say here that when we deprive ourselves of sugar and carbs, our bodies will retaliate.

Sugar is brain food. Our bodies naturally cry out for it.
Its not a big deal when we get it in moderation, but when we purposefully deprive ourselves for any reason, we become obsessed. Its natural. Its normal.

I also happen to think theres the possibility that the fungus becomes a super-fungus when we teach it to excel in this carb-poor environment. Im no doc. I just intuit, and make sense out of what I read using everyone’s experiences together.

It doesnt make sense to me that the “cure” is to eat this way forever.

It doesnt make sense to me that once we get this under control, our immune system cant handle some bad choices.

I know all of this is just my two-cents,
but if you were to make drinking anti-fungal herbal teas a part of your everyday experience (not for the anti-fungals, but for the enjoyment of being still with a cup of tea and relaxing )
then you would have some regular support keeping it in check.

I found that most herbal teas have antifungals (cinnamon, clove, lemongrass,ect) and ALSO happen to have adrenal-support like licorice root, and blood cleansers like red clover or dandelion. Just because they taste good, not because they going to heal anything 😀

Dont stress.

If eating some junk for a month or two is capable of completely un-doing anything, then there wasnt any huge win there to begin with.

Candida isnt a sugar issue. Sugar just feeds it. If you handled the issue causing candida, then sugar is no longer the issue.

Right? 🙂