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Lauren wrote: Able and Raster I would love to hear your thoughts on this. I also have been thinking I been having to many carbs. I have a couple of slices of coconut bread each day and sometimes a buckwheat muffin. I wanted to add gluten free oat bran into my diet, so I would not eat eggs every day. Do either of you use a type of cereal or oat for breakfast sometime? Do you Bob’s Red Mill brand? I know I should be trying to eat as many veggies (on the approved list) as I can. I do try to eat a lot. But I am hungry often and want to keep weight on so I tend to eat coconut bread with every meal. Is there a point where you can have too much coconut bread?

During my treatment/cure (being a guy) I tried to keep the coconut bread limit to three regular-sized slices a day, sometimes four. Mind you, I used the large-loaf recipe which included equal parts of rice bran, organic oat bran, and coconut flour. Perhaps twice a week, if I had a really long and busy day ahead of me, I would add cooked cream of buckwheat to my breakfast along with a couple of eggs. If you’re a normal size female, I think you should keep the servings to two to four a day.

Bob’s Red Mill organic products are among the best, and this is what I still use today.

It’s true that the foods we’re speaking of are prebiotic sources, but so are green vegetables and other foods such as avocado, garlic, onions, leeks, and Jerusalem artichokes.

Personally, I preferred eggs to having too many carbs, so eggs were my main source of protein throughout my treatment and cure; they still are in fact along with dried beans.