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Able900 wrote: 100% chicory root coffee is not only caffeine free, but it’s also a big plus to the treatment since it’s an excellent prebiotic which will feed the beneficial bacteria in the intestines which in turn will help the immune system to heal. If you try this coffee, remember that it’s a bit stronger than what you’re probably used to so you may want to make it a bit milder or experiment with it for a few days. For the first week or so you can mix it with regular coffee which would help you to gradually grow used to lower and lower levels of caffeine on a daily basis.


1 problem with this, if your used to drinking real coffee this stuff taste worse than low grade instance coffee. I use what I bought blended to 1/ get rid of it 2/ have extra probiotic effect.

Raster, I drink chamomile tea, but its aids relaxation, so is surely not going to perk you up? what about korean ginseng?

Cali, I weaned myself off it in a way like Raster has suggested, but out of everything I miss it the most. Also my sleep is a lot worse now i’ve stopped it.

Whilst I disagree that controlled coffee is toxic for everyone (as it has many benefits as well), nothing i’ve read convinces me that it is going to help this, and/or adrenal fatigue, which a lot of people who have this also suffer from.