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Will;47685 wrote: Hi all,

Has anyone got any tips for a pick me up or combating tiredness?


Your body is fighting quite a battle and can use as much REST as you can incorporate into your schedule. I suggest a MINIMUM of 8 to 10 hours a day and at times, when going through gnarly die off and your body is overwhelmed with toxins you might even increase sleep/rest to 12 hours.

I’ve also read where light exercise, such as walking, yoga, stretching, swimming, moderate bkiing and the like can help – endorphin release which also helps with getting that deep sleep/rest your body needs right now as you recover. You wouldn’t do a strenuous 10k run with the flu, would you? Same concept just over a much longer duration depending on the severity of your CRC. The blood test is a good indicator of where you stand if you can afford it: simple blood test and the most accurate diagnostic with a marker you can refer to as to judge progress further on down the line.

I know it sounds boring as heck but, isn’t it worth taking that time to really study the entire protocol, read on subjects surrounding CRC to help you better understand the entire condition you are suffering from.

Not to mention: FOOD…nutrition can boost energy, more protein and the like: the b-vits which the linited amount of good bacteria can’t supply to the body, etc.. However, that’s the reason to arm yourself with knowledge in studying all you can handle taking in – you’ll understand you have to limit particularly red meat as ammonia gas is created during it’s digestion. Candida releases ammonia gas to make it’s environment more hospitable for it’s survival: aka, a more alkaline GI tract. I learned that one the hard way!!!

Typically, a healthy person only needs about a minimum of 50g’s of protein a day. If tolerated a healing body can utilize up to 100g’s of protein. My doc suggests the target of 75g’s of protein a day for me at this juncture: not to say that’s appropriate for anyone else. I still struggle with how to accomplish even 50g’s of protein a day, let alone 50% more considering the limited protein sources the strict diet allows.

I’m no expert, only another sufferer trying to pay forward what I can….I’m sure there are others who can help you much better. Personally, I see the sudden tiredness/flu like symptoms to be gnarly die off symptoms which is a good sign of the healing process: though not fun. This was really got much worse with when my doc finally got me on diflucan which tells me it’s having a positive antifungal effect!!! Remember not all unpleasant side effects of treatment are worthy of concern as some could mean your body is starting to make forward progress: like a curve, you have to get worse for a while in order to heal and feel better later. Besides, if you note within the protocol there’s many remedies to limit die off symptoms.

Wishing you all the healing graces and blessings you require and then some,