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goingnatural;41479 wrote: Hi Cheesey —

I am under the belief that an infestation of candida, overworked liver in general will cause CFS. Get rid of toxins, heal your gut and chances are you will feel much more balanced.

In terms of your question, I wouldn’t doubt you don’t fall in the CFS camp, but I prefer to say it sounds like you just need to heal your body.

Fingers crossed that you’re right. My issue is that I have an added complicating factor in that about 9 months ago I came down with a virus akin to Epstein Barr from which I have still not properly recovered. My glands are still inflamed and when I get dragged down the same old EBV-esque symptoms occur. I think altogether I am probably closer to the CFS camp than most and it might not be as simple as saying its just candida. Hopefully, though, my current protocol can bring me back into balance enough to recover my health generally.

approximately_me;41482 wrote: I’ll post here what I just posted in a thread by Mrs C about fatigue. This is the post:

“I used to have the same kind of fatigue. When it was at its worst, I couldn’t stay asleep for longer than an hour and a half–sometimes even an hour was a stretch. I’d wake up sweating with my heart pounding. I could never sleep past 3am. During the day I was too tired to do anything but too wired to sleep. I was a completely anxious zombie.

What helped me most was a lot of detox. The wake-ups are often caused by a toxic liver. An over-burdened liver cannot produce enough glycogen and so cannot keep the body functioning. To keep the body functional, the adrenals have to inject increasing amounts of cortisol (which wakes you up). Over time this wears out the adrenals. This is the body in survival mode.

I believe my liver and kidneys were totally bogged down in candida byproduct (this was before I started on the diet). Using NAC 3x/day, Alpha Lipoic Acid, milk thistle, dandelion and artichoke helped immensely. It also helped with my migraines. With the NAC it’s also important to take it with 100mg of vitamin C, selenium and vitamin E for it to be absorbed fully.

Within a month I went from sleeping an average of 3.5 hours per night to 6.5 and more than this I went from being completely useless in the day to being able to actually being able to hold down some work.

I don’t know what to say about your fatigue and the S. Boulardii specifically, but I’d say if you can notice a swing in the fatigue that quickly, the fatigue probably has more to do with your liver and kidneys being burdened by candida byproducts and you might just need to make sure you’re taking everything you can to get that junk out of your body.”

I’ll add, I did a saliva test, and no surprise, my adrenals were literally off the chart when I woke up at 3am, and would plummet for the rest of the day.

I was totally non-functional at this point. It was around Christmas. I was constantly at the edge of anxiety, without sleep, totally zonked. I was emotionally breaking down. I would cry for hours.

The thing was, while my adrenals were suffering, they themselves weren’t the problem. As you know, this is a candida issue. While I am no expert, and wouldn’t claim to be, what really helped me was the detox stuff. I would wager that your adrenals are fried because your kidneys and your liver can’t keep your system clean. Helping them out as much as possible, it’s amazing actually how fast your adrenals can come back–though this is admittedly much harder when you’re adding to the load with antifungals and die-off.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for the input! I’ve had an adrenal stress profile done via multiple saliva samples taken at specific points throughout the day. Though none of the results were ‘ideal’, all but one were in the normal range. The one that wasn’t in the normal range was only just out. What I actually found was that my DHEA was elevated. I’m not too sure what that means, to be honest, as I haven’t had the follow up appointment with my ND yet. However it doesn’t look like adrenals are playing much of a role. Or, at least, we certainly can’t account for my level of fatigue using the sole explanation of adrenals.

I think I’m just reaching a certain degree of frustration here. At no point have I felt like my candida is anything like anyone else’s. The only stomach issues I’ve had in my life have been generally fleeting or in the first 2 weeks of the candida diet. Other than that, I can generally eat what I want without my stomach complaining. Its the fatigue, my throat swelling, feeling spaced out and anxiety that will tell me I’ve done something wrong. Moreover, I’ve now got this other ‘tired but wired’ symptom that doesn’t really seem to echo anyone else’s experience on the diet. I keep reading things on the internet about how ‘die-off will be over in 2 weeks at most’ etc., but I’ve been feeling like shit for 13 weeks now. At least before I started this diet I could ride my bike, go running and see my friends properly. A good day now is managing to walk more than a mile and then have enough energy to stay out of bed for the rest of the day. I have seen improvement, but only relative to the first couple of weeks of the diet. Other than that I am still well below my level of pre-diet function.

I’d be so much more secure and comfortable in my current state if I knew what I was doing was ultimately going to be effective, or if there wasn’t swathes of contradictory and largely speculatory information about every possible aspect of human health out there.