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Lily J:

For Asthma I take Seretide (Fluticazone propionate)
For Allergic Rhinitus I take (Mometazone Furoate)

I cant find any evidence online directly linking the use of these medicines in the form of an inhaler to vaginal thrush. Although it does say that seretide can give you oral thrush and i have never had that before)

I take both in their lowest doses and even though the doctor insisted that it only works if taken every day. I find I get full relief from my symptoms by taking them both every other day. If i dont take these for a few days though the allergies and asthma creep back in and i end up having to take Antihistamine pills. I was reading an article on the internet that said antihistamine use could lead to candida but when i asked my doctor about it he said no not at all. So again conflicting evidence.