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Hello all!

Thank you everyone for adding so much wonderful info to this post.
I think this post is going to get really popular, considering 85% of people have mercury in their teeth.

DMSA will lower the amount of mercury in the body and organs. Once all mercury fillings are removed your body will automatically start detoxing. DMSA just makes the process go a lot faster. Once you have removed enought mercury from your body (around 3 months) you then add in lipoic acid (ALA) to remove the mercury from the brain, eyes, and neck.
Please note that ALA is the only thing that can pull mercury and lead from the human brain. DMSA does not cross the blood-brain barrier.

Before trying DMPS please read this – DMPS Facts and Patient Reports

I still have 2 tiny fillings that need to be removed before I start chelation.
I will be getting them removed in the middle of April.
Since having 8 amalgams out of my mouth I feel so much better, but I still have mercury leaking into my body. I will jump for joy once I’m 100% mercury free!

I’ve had insomnia since I was a teen, now I sleep 8 hours a night every night.
My dentist removed the biggest filling that was leaking and BAM insomnia cured instantly!
I think the mercury vapor was 100% responsible for my sleep issues.

Many of you have seen the “Smoking Teeth” video, well I found a more recent one and I think that everyone should watch it.
*Show your family and close friends if they have mercury in their mouth. They will no longer think you are insane.

What do you think would happen if they showed this clip on the news?
The whole world would panic!!!

I will keep you all posted on my recovery, love to hear from you all.