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ThomasJoel2;60461 wrote: lots of people have had their digestive issues clear up after following Cutler’s chelation protocol.

Right. Some issues went away after chelation.

Does that mean they went away because of chelation?

No. It means they went away despite chelation.

Remember, chelation is risky. It’s dangerous to your health. That’s the very reason why doctors revert to chelation only for those few cases where the expected health benefits are greater than the risks. Since these risks are numerous, chelation is hardly ever used – doctors just don’t want to expose their patients to such unnecessary dangers.

crow;59320 wrote: still I haven’t heard anybody say in those videos there white tongue has been cured by mercury detox acc to andrew cutler, which was the start of this topic I believe?

That’s a spot-on remark!

Sure, there are some commercial video’s out there in which people claim some benefit or another. Sure.

But have their stories been confirmed? I don’t think so.

Even for those rare cases where a story has been confirmed, all that’s really confirmed is that complaints went away after chelation – they never tell you which other measures they took at the same time. So I dare say that the complaints went away due to something else, and for that matter: despite the poisonous effects of the chelation chemicals.