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I agree that it really helps to know yourself and to know your body’s reactions.

It also helps to admit that you may be causing your own illness by focusing on the negative side. The power of your mind can truely destroy your own body.

Maybe I’ve always been lucky with my doctor. If he knew what was wrong with me, he explained it to me, and he explained how he planned to cure it, and why. If he didn’t know, he told me without being ashamed, and he sent me on to an expert on a particular field.

In one case, he told me that he didn’t know what was causing my skin problems, and that therefore he would prescribe a medication that normally helps 70% of patients with similar symptoms. It was an attempt, and it might fail (30%), so if things wouldn’t improve in about ten days I had to come back to him.

The symptoms didn’t improve, so I visited him again. Because he now knew what I did not have, but still did not know what I did have, he had to guess again. So he prescribed medication that normally helped another 25% of patients.

Same story: it didn’t work for me. When I visited him the third time, he prescribed medication that would help in almost all of the remaining 5% of cases. If that wouldn’t help too, he would send me on to a skin specialist. Luckily, this time the medication worked, and I knew why – because my doctor had carefully explained it to me.

I have not yet been through a case where two doctors disagreed on my condition.

Maybe I’ve just been very lucky with my doctors. Maybe doctors over here are of exceptional quality – who knows?