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Quote: Wow, Able — are you trying to take away hope for everyone on this forum?

Reply: Come on, Sunshine, please don’t give me that, I’ve read enough of your post to know that you’re smart enough to understand exactly what I was doing. I was trying avoid giving the readers false hope because I know that most of our readers have more than a mild case of Candida albicans. Again, you knew exactly what I was doing with my post, so please don’t pretend you didn’t.

Quote: I’ve always been extremely active, but in June I became exhausted, barely able to function. Before candida, I was the kind of person who rollerbladed 30 miles after work and then came home and helped my neighbor move. In mid-June, I couldn’t even stand up in the sun for five minutes without becoming tired and nauseous. I’d get home from work at 6, be in bed by 6:30, and sleep until my alarm went off at 7:30 the next day.

Reply: Perhaps if you had explained more of this in your original post, we would have had a better idea of your situation. But I must say, that paragraph has a much different tone than your first post on the forum did, in that post you also mentioned that you believed some of the problems stemmed from a new job.

Quote: I developed what appeared to be heat rash, which I only ever had once in my life — when I was pregnant. This “heat rash” stayed for 4 1/2 weeks and only disappeared with a hefty course of antifungals and following a variation of the anti-candida diet. That’s either a yeast infection or an allergy, both of which are caused by the candida.

Reply: The fact that you had the rash for 4 1/2 weeks doesn’t change the fact that it went away five days into the diet, which sounds like it could just as easily have lasted for a total of five days instead of 4 1/2 weeks had you started the treatment in the beginning, which, again suggests that the problem wasn’t severe.

Quote: My stomach cramps and bloating were excruciating, and they continued after I started my treatment. If you recall, they resurfaced weeks later, and at that point were pretty much a constant every day for two weeks and then off and on until my third month.

Reply: And I also remember that we agreed your stomach problems at that time stemmed from the coconut oil. You wrote, “I’ve been taking Caprylic acid since Saturday when I stopped with the coconut oil. No side effects with that.”

All I have to go by are your own words, now as well as the posts that you wrote the first few weeks on the forum. This is a quote from your post on August 22: “My stomach problems went away about five days into the diet, and haven’t returned.” When you wrote that you had been on the diet for approximately four weeks, and the problems didn’t return until you started the coconut oil, at which time I told you that you probably couldn’t tolerate the oil since some people simply can’t, and you stopped taking it.

Quote: I don’t mean to be defensive, but I’m not trying to make others feel bad that they aren’t cured in three months. I don’t think anyone reading my original post would have had that takeaway. Instead, I’m trying to give them hope that it can happen.

Reply: I understand what you were trying to do, Sunshine. Raster and I both do the same thing every day. But we won’t allow ourselves to give them unreasonable hope, and again, and again I know that this was not your intention. The point is I’ve seen many people suffering from severe Candida infestations read posts such as yours and immediately assume that, if they follow your protocol, then the same thing is going to happen to them. But most of them will not stick completely to the protocol the way you and I did, yet at the same time they start wondering why they cannot reach the same cure in the same amount of time as someone else did. Not everyone will do this, of course, but if even one member blames themselves needlessly for the fact that they weren’t cured in a particular time, and therefore gives up out of frustration, then that’s one too many. And I know that lots of sufferers of Candida do this as I’ve seen it happen many times.

Quote: And in addition, I’m trying to make them question what they read on this forum. There is one “voice of authority” here — you… and your case is unique to you.”

Reply: That’s a ridiculous statement, and if you’ll read my posts, you’ll know that it’s simply incorrect. First of all, Raster answers as many posts as I do, and he and I do not always agree with treatments, but the readers listen to him as well.
And my “voice” is not the authority here. I do not give advice or answer questions without having already studied the research to back it up. My answers by no means stem from my own experience as my personal experience with Candida is as limited as yours. But I have taken time to study the scientific research thoroughly, and if I need to, I’ll search through additional research, even if it means going to a library, before answering a question.

Quote: and tried to force your opinions on the other members of this forum.

Reply: Force? So when I quote a particular university’s year-long study with Candida albicans, then I’ve forced my opinion on the readers? I see.

Quote: “belittling and patronizing them for trying something new.”

Reply: Do you have any idea how many times I’ve written to a member, “All you can do is try it and see what happens.” Take some time to read the posts, please.

Sunshine, deep down I guess I knew you would take my post in the worst light, but was hoping I was wrong. You’ve taken it as my attempt at making you look ‘bad’ … but in reality I think you know that this is not at all what I was trying to do. Still, I will not take the chance that even one member with a severe Candida infestation, allergies, leaky gut, etc. assumes that, if he or she follows your protocol, they will be completely cured in just three months. Your case, like mine, was rare and somewhat mild; otherwise there is no way either of us would have reached a complete cure in the time it took.

I won’t be debating this again with you, as I think we’ve both said it all and know where each of us stands on this matter.

My sincere apologies if you actually believe that my post was meant to belittle or lessen your efforts and success with a cure.

Sincerely, Able