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I don’t think there is any reason to get angry/upset at anyone; I think Able was mostly just trying to clarify that while you are a great success story, in many situations it is a much more difficult road to travel to recovery.

For instance, some folks are like Thomas, who have had candida for a very long time (maybe most of his life). I myself have had it probably for 7-10 years or longer. The recovery time for me and Thomas will be longer than 3 months before we can have regular foods again and feel normal.

While you already stated this sunshine; I think its great to clarify once again that everybody’s body is very different and we all have different causes of candida overgrowth. We all have different symptoms and levels of severity, diets, and habits.

To hear a success story is great, but we all have to got to take into context that you are one person healing rapidly; for many of us it could be a hard struggle.

I appreciate you sharing your story and it’s pretty much the first person I’ve heard who has beaten it…